Summer camp is such a memorable experience for children. They have the chance to learn new skills, make friends, stay active, and get creative, all in a safe space. Here at Oceanwood, we want every child to get the chance to enjoy all the fun of summer camp. Making these experiences accessible to all children is our goal. Oceanwood offers an integrated and inclusive approach that helps us to serve every single child of all ability levels.

Here just some of the many things we do in our summer programs to ensure fun and safety for all our campers –

  • Safety: We agree that the safety of your child comes first. We back that up with extensive training programs for all staff members. These programs teach our staff to familiarize themselves with the diverse populations they will be working with this summer. This includes; how to accommodate different environments, manage care plans from health care providers, manage behaviors, alternative modes of communication, and assist with daily living activities.
  • Accessibility: With updated accessibility to swimming areas and other water activities, we make sure that they are not missing out on any of the camp activities. This includes a wheelchair ramp to cool off and enjoy water activities and wheelchair-accessible mats for the beach to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Along with adaptive athletic equipment for all to use!
  • Integration: All programs are fully integrated and inclusive with our youth resident campers as well. This allows kids just to be kids and enjoy time together in a safe, controlled space, all while being supervised by highly trained individuals!

Everyone deserves a chance to make those special childhood memories at summer camp! Memory-making is precisely what we do!

We can’t wait to see everyone soon at the start of camp!

xo, your team at Oceanwood