Summer camp is an experience that provides lifelong memories and friendships. There is a reason for that! Going to summer camp as a kid has many social and sociological benefits. We are so happy to be able to provide a fun and safe place at Oceanwood where kids can relax, make memories, explore nature, all while having a blast!

Here are some of the benefits of summer camp;

Independence: Summer Camp gives kids the chance to practice being away from home and taking on responsibility. This gives kids a chance to make decisions, take appropriate risks and experience a sense of autonomy in an environment away from home and school. 

Sense of Belonging: The transition from school five days a week to an  “unscheduled” extended period of time can be a hard adjustment. Keeping healthy rhythms and routines in place is important. Camp gives children a place to learn, grow, play, and socialize with a familiar schedule of school with a structure and a community to belong to that is new and exciting. 

Diversity: Our summer camps give children a unique sense of diversity because of the all-inclusive approach we encourage in our camps. This gives each child the chance to interact with campers of all populations. Camp also gives kids a chance to expand their social circle and interactions in a safe and healthy way. These all are great scenarios that encourage social growth.

Staying Active: Camp is a great way to keep kids active. We incorporate outdoor and indoor activities that keep our campers moving and engaged. A physically active schedule boosts serotonin, relieves stress, and improves mental health! 

Social Interaction: This past year, social interaction has been put on the back burner in order to keep everyone safe. With that being said, now that we can return to some normalcy, interacting with one another is more important than ever! Summer camp provides a chance to experience social settings without masks, zoom calls, and virtual playtime.  We will help recharge those healthy social interactions!

We love watching our campers make memories and grow at camp, and it is important to us that each one of our campers leaves here with a smile on their face and great memories to share!