A message from Executive Director, Kasandra Kane:

There is an overarching umbrella of sadness enveloping the world right now. It’s a challenge to smile and focus on happiness and fun, and it even feels trite to do so. These times are particularly challenging for a summer camp whose mission is to focus on connections, development, enjoyment, and growth.

Everything feels disconnected, and solutions aren’t clear as the problems we are facing are beyond complex. 

Our hearts hurt right now, right along with every person in pain over loss, trauma, violence, COVID-19, racism, poverty, and every single anchor drowning too many people. This isn’t the normal we can accept. We cannot sit idly by and be complacent with this status quo. None of this is ok.

Yes, we will continue to highlight victories, successes, smiles, and lives positively impacted. But this is not an acceptance of the world… it’s an acknowledgment that the world can change. That we can all be better, and despite the darkness, there is still so much light. 

Heading into this camp season feels hard. We cannot ignore the broader context of the world, and we would never want to do so, not even for a moment. 

Our mission extends beyond navigating camp during a pandemic but one that embraces the responsibility we have as a community and role models. So we will power through with great purpose! 

When the world feels the least safe is when we need to step up and provide that safe place, that sanctuary. We are stewards of this ever-evolving mission, and we welcome all voices sharing how we can best achieve that common goal. We vow to do everything within our power to ensure people are safe… and beyond that, to ensure every single person we encounter knows they matter, they are loved, and they are heard.

 In summary, we WILL be here in the summer of 2020 to mitigate the losses of children who have just endured one of the scariest loss-laden periods that no child should ever be familiar with. And to continue to be a place of love and acceptance for ALL of God’s children. The time to step up is now. We are here. We are ready.

Be well and see you soon, Kasanda