Whether you went to day camp, overnight camp, or a specialty camp, we can all agree that memories you share and friendships you make there are sure to last a lifetime. In honor of this, and in the light of our summer camp season fast approaching, we wanted to know what people love most about Oceanwood! We’re highlighting a few of the great memories that were shared with us over social media.

Check them out –

1. Rosie shares her favorite memory and why she loves Oceanwood so much:

“My all-time favorite memory of Oceanwood has to be when we first put the blue mats at the beach❤️ Then taking the campers to the beach via the blue mats to worship.” says, Rosie.
“Oceanwood is where I feel God’s love and energy the most, and that’s because of everyone that has been there and made a fantastic impact on the campers. A BEAUTIFUL place filled with AMAZING people, and it’s the place where I met my closest friend in the world!”

2. Ellie, one of our current counselors dove into everything she loves about Oceanwood:

“Riding a horse for the first time, meeting people who I still stay in touch with, growing through youth camp and the LDP program, having my literal dream job, embarrassing myself in front of campers for pure entertainment, telling bad jokes at mealtimes, impromptu flash mobs just because we can, etc., etc., etc… and I can’t wait to make more!”

3. Molly can’t pick one memory, so she shares 4 of her favorites:

“So so many memories! Talent show plays, eating “monster crunch” all week long. Finishing meals as FAST as humanly possible and running outside to play with your best friends in the whole world.”

4. Jeff dives into how they had the most EPIC wiffleball game ever:

“I think the time it rained so hard, it canceled our staff vs. campers softball game. So, I suggested we move all the tables out of the dining hall, and we had an epic Wiffleball game. That was awesome.”

There are plenty more heart-warming memories we’ve been hearing about! Have one you want to share? We would love to hear it… don’t be afraid to tag us on social media or email us. We love reading how Oceanwood has shaped you!

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