This month we’re highlighting one of our 2020 staff members, Níamh McCarthy.  Níamh is one of our international staff members from Camp America who is returning to Oceanwood for the second season. We got a chance to catch-up with her about her experience at Oceanwood and gather some fun-facts.

1. Your accomplishment you’re most proud of:

Through school, I would get in trouble for not being able to focus and being a distraction for other kids in the class and I found focusing very difficult and in my last year of school for the first time I got a school report that didn’t say I had focus problems and I was proud to be able to show my mum.

2. One thing you’d change about the world

I would make sure everyone had safe shelter, good food to eat and friends to share with

3. Favorite food

My favorite food is crunchy peanut butter on toast with sliced banana on top

4. Best song to dance to

You can call me al by Paul Simon

5. Favorite activity at camp?

It’s so hard to choose, but I think my favorite activity might be chapel. I also really enjoy the first night of each week. All the activities are fun, but any activity where we get to all come together, interact and see the other campers, is especially great.

6. What do you do when you’re not rocking lives at camp?

A lot of my time is taken up by working in a bunch of different places – an ice cream parlor, a café, 2 theatres, and schools; but my favorite thing to do is work with my friends on creative projects, such as theatre and rock climbing.

7. If you could give campers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Acknowledge your growth. I like to check in with myself from time to time and measure myself against how proud my younger self would be to know who we’ve become. It’s easy to compare yourself to others or compare who you are now to who you want to be in the future, whether that’s to do with your academic goals, career goals, or just some personal aspect of your life. That comparison can be healthy in a lot of ways and can encourage you to continue to grow but it’s important to acknowledge how far you’ve come and to realize the growth you’ve already done. No matter how much encouragement or inspiration you’ve gained from other people the only person you can attribute your growth to is yourself. and that’s why it’s important to know how to be yourself and be proud of yourself.

8. What’s your favorite camp song?

My favorite chapel song is Shine Jesus Shine, it’s one that we sang in my church growing up and always reminds me of being with my sister in church singing and dancing. My favorite camp song is maybe Tarzan because it gets stuck in my head all the time. 

9. If you could be any animal, what would you pick and why?

I would be a cat because they are my favorite animal and they get to have as many naps as they want and play as much as they like and no one can say anything to them because they are a cat and it’s their right. However, I’m sadly allergic to cats, so cannot have my own.


We cannot wait to see Níamh this summer at Oceanwood! Summer is just a few months away, but who’s counting 🙂