We’re diving into the long-lasting values that are instilled into a young person when attending summer campl

Social: Social skills are the key to success! Summer camp helps children grow their social circle by almost forcing them to make friends outside of their family and neighborhood or school friends. Going to camp also allows children the chance to get out of their comfort zone and challenges them to become independent in a new environment and social setting. Getting children away from the safety and comfort of their norms pushes them into good decision-making and self-reliance. Ultimately building and strengthening self-esteem and confidence.

Academic: From September to June, Children are in school learning. The much-loved summer break is an excellent time for kids to reset and relax. However, during summer camp, children get the chance to learn and exercise their brains without the usual stress of school. They can develop new skills and keep their minds engaged during the long break. This can aid them in academic success throughout their time as a student. They can also learn new passions and hobbies that can aid them in further academic success and accomplishments. 

Physical: Camp and sports and other clubs are great ways to build healthy habits in respect to moving your body, improving fitness, and staying healthy. Finding an activity that you love during camp can inspire a passion that can be used to keep you healthy and active for the future. In our camp setting, getting outside and exploring nature is a core value. We try to incorporate outdoor activities as much as possible to strengthen our camper’s connection with nature and plant the seed for good physical habits. The love and respect for nature that children learn during our camp will hopefully stay with them their entire life!

Summer camp can be such an important aspect of a child’s life and can mold and build some of their greatest social, academic, and physical strengths.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at Oceanwood next summer!