The Challenge:

Parents, educators, and children are currently faced with a seemingly impossible dilemma on how to proceed with an educational model as we rapidly approach fall. The options currently presented of in-school, homeschool, and hybrid programs are not ideal for many families and feel laden with a trade-off between socialization and safety.

In response to these challenges and the feedback from the families that have attended our day camp program for the past six weeks, we have created a unique solution.

The Solution:

After numerous brainstorming sessions and facilitating our summer day camps, we have developed a program that would create a safe learning space with the opportunity to explore, be social, and discover with peers.

Oceanwood Classroom Camp is a pilot program we’re launching this September that will be a camp-virtual schooling hybrid model that will serve kindergarten through 8th grade, with 4 students enrolled in each grade level, and an educator facilitating individualized plans focused on each students learning goals.

Fostering Education with Exploration


How It Works

Our camp-virtual schooling hybrid model will serve kindergarten through 8th grade, with a max of 24 students. The students will be following their respective school’s virtual curriculum, facilitated by the staff of 6 educators that will specialize in a specific grade level.


Education & Play

The virtual learning that takes place at our facility will be supplemented with traditional camp activities to ensure the students are appropriately mentally stimulated, aligned with their school expectations, and get the physical, emotional, and social support from a group learning environment that is small and sustainable.


Timeline & Cost

The pilot program’s duration will initially be 3 months, evaluated frequently based on the needs of the families and the efficacy of the model. See below for the cost breakdown:

Monthly Rates:

    • 1 day: $200
    • 2 days: $400
    • 3 days: $600
    • 4 days: $800
    • 5 days: $1,000
Sibling discount-enroll a second sibling and get $50 off their monthly tuition

Scholarships & Fundraising

We have scholarships available for families in need. Want to donate to our program and to help families in need? Check out our fundraising campaign that will help cover transition costs, desks, partitions technology needs, and scholarships.


Limited Space

We have a maximum of 24 spaces. Please sign-up, call, or email the office for more information.