It’s no secret that anyone can benefit from spending more time outside, but what are the pros of being outside daily? We’re sharing 7 significant benefits of spending time outdoors and what it can do for one’s health. We continue to be PROUD to integrate NATURE into our Summer Camps and Camp Classroom! ??

Here are a few reasons (7 to be exact) of why being outside is so good for your kids (and you, too)!

1. Exercise: Whether walking, running, or hiking, kids can burn off some serious energy!
2. Mental Health: Being outside is good for the soul. Nature has a way of helping to destress and relax the body.
3. Creativity: Take a deep breath of fresh air and get inspired by the trees, leaves, bugs, and ripples of the ocean.
4. Essential Vitamins: Get your natural dose of vitamin D that is known to support your immune system.
5. Focus: Exerting energy outdoors creates for a balanced mind, allowing kids to focus and process information better.
6. Screen time: More outdoor adventures?☀️? = less screen time (yay)
7. Sleep: Sunlight is proven to help the quality of sleep!


It is incredible that something as simple as spending time outside every day has so many benefits and is linked to endless positive outcomes. As a child, especially in today’s world full of technology and screens, it’s more important than ever to provide kids (and adults) with a healthy and respectful relationship with nature. At Oceanwood, we continue to integrate nature into our camp and camp classroom curriculum every day. ✏️

How are you getting outside each day?